Commbox approved by Department of Education WA

Published on Thursday, 4 November 2021 at 1:56:57 PM

Commbox has become the first device of its kind approved for use in schools by the Department of Education WA for connection to the DoE domain via the inbuilt OPS. DoE advises that it has tested and approved Commbox as an audio-visual smart board that can be connected to a school’s domain, other features of the device can be used but are to be managed by the school.  Commbox has the option of an inbuilt OPS (in built computer) that can be imaged and connected to the DoE domain, turning the device into a giant touch screen computer.

The Commbox Classic Interactive Touchscreen is designed for rich immersive class experiences, enabling both teacher led and student led class activities.

Why choose Commbox?

  • Australian designed & manufactured
  • Quality, reliable products, designed for purpose
  • 5-year onsite warranty
  • Wall mount included with touchscreens & displays
  • Integrate with everything (software & hardware agnostic)
  • Australian based support
  • Unlimited training for teachers and staff
  • Growing library of online customer training resources

The Commbox Classic Interactive Touchscreen

An intuitive, responsive touch system means teachers don’t need to learn the "how to's" of more software. Equipped with a one touch whiteboard and fully enabled stylus, you can annotate and write effortlessly over any content. With 5-year standard warranty and extensions available, an Australian based team of engineers ensures every school is supported and empowered to succeed with CommBox. With built in eye care features, energy saving and buy back options that see old screens recycled, the Classic is the only choice for Australian Schools.
Never buy a projector again. The CommBox Classic is an affordable solution with a 12-year life expectancy; that's a better ROI than a projector!

Why Touchscreens?

Touch is native and intuitive to today's students, and when students are actively involved, they learn better. It provides a new way to engage students, as it appeals to visual learners and those who prefer the hands-on approach.

Students love touchscreens because they are the best way to make lessons engaging and fun. A touchscreen makes it easier for students to interact with their classmates by drawing together on the board or working on different tasks simultaneously. Plus, they come with so many helpful features like browsers, screensharing, and apps!

Get Commbox for your school!

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