David Whettingsteel

General Manager

David’s career in ICT has spanned over 40 years, in that time he has delivered quality work to clients throughout Australia and Europe. David brings a strong technical, commercial and management background to his role at Integrated ICT. 

David was an early developer of Internet services in Western Australia, starting one of WA’s first ISP’s in 1996. His experience includes eight years of building his own IT services business in regional Western Australia, followed by eight years as a founding partner and Principal Consultant of leading IT consultancy, Quadrant Group. This background has given him enormous commercial and technical experience in serving clients and growing successful companies in an ever-changing IT environment. 

More recently David has provided consulting services, mainly in the ERP, P3O and Project Management areas, to a wide range of clients and industries in Western Australia.

David's broad experience is an asset to Integrated ICT, he provides strategic direction for the business, advice on project management and mentorship for the day-to-day operational team, ensuring there is focus on reliable and secure systems, services, and infrastructure for our clients. He also provides leadership and mentorship for our team of engineers and technicians that develop and implement networks and servers, respond to user help desk requests, and monitor system performance and stability.