Device Sales

Apple products, such as Mac and iPad, are user-friendly and unlock the imagination and ingenuity of teachers and students alike. Students love learning with iPads because they’re portable, intuitive, and easy to use. iPads are built for all the ways students love to explore, create, and learn. Add in other imagination boosters like Apple Pencil, iPadOS, and the amazing apps on the AppStore, and there is no end to what can be created.

Integrated ICT can help you select the best Apple products for your school. Our team can help schools and parents to access special education pricing for school BYO programs. We help schools unlock the value of Apple products through Apple Financial Services. In doing so, we can tailor a package to include devices, cases, setup and deployment, and even professional learning for staff, at a low per student per month cost. 

We understand the endless possibilities with Apple and how to incorporate various devices into an education environment, enabling the ability to code, create videos, edit photos, and much more. Through their range of cutting-edge, modern technology, Apple products offer students of all learning abilities and styles, simple, efficient, and meaningful tools to guide them to their creative potential.