Technical Service & Set Up

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions provide teachers and IT administrators with a convenient tool to administer devices for individual students, school classes, or even across multiple institutions. This gives teachers control over all devices when delivering digital lessons. All devices are conveniently wirelessly managed, no matter where the device is located.

To effectively support a mobile workforce, a secure and reliable Wi-Fi solution is an absolute must. Our Integrated ICT Technical Services can design, sell, and implement the solution to support your mobile fleet. We can audit your site, checking your network coverage and Wi-Fi network capacity.

Integrated ICT is a leading provider of ICT Managed Services. Our team will tailor a solution to suit the needs and size of your organisation. We also provide consulting services to find the right solutions for your education needs on the cloud and at your premises.

The deployment of Apps, Settings (including restrictions), and Books is all centrally managed through the MDM and transferred wirelessly to the devices over the internet. Our team will help your school find the best MDM for your needs. For example, an MDM such as Jamf School, along with Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP), allows the quick deployment of new iPads without having to physically connect them to a computer.

The new Apple School Manager (ASM) is now a single portal that simultaneously manages your school’s app purchases and new devices.