Colin Smith Commemorative 24/11, Service Beyond Self Award

Integrated ICT celebrates and remembers the life of Colin Smith annually on 24 November. Colin was a dear friend and colleague who sadly passed away on 24 November 2021. The day is focused on remembering our colleague who "provided service beyond self" and includes an award to a team member who has displayed this similar attitude throughout the previous year.

When Colin first joined our team, he spent his first few years working with Integrated ICT (formerly Market Creations) in Geraldton before moving to Perth in 2017 when the Perth Market Creations office opened. He was a highly valued and respected member of the team for eight years. During that time, he took on multiple roles, including Technical Sales Manager and Operations Manager. His vast experience in the IT industry saw him act as a mentor for many of our team. When reflected on, it was his good nature and willingness to help, share ideas and provide a 'service beyond self' that we will always remember him for.   

Colin can be best summed up as a great human being, and a really good guy. He is greatly missed by his friends, colleagues, clients and vendors alike, as he was always reliable, dependable and someone you could trust. We will continue to remember him through the annual Colin Smith Commemorative 24/11, Service Beyond Self - Award. 

The below table reflects the previous award winners:

Colin Smith Commemorative 24/11, Service Beyond Self Award Winners List

Year Award Winner

Adam Milner


Jennifer Mullins