Frank Marijan

Business Development Executive

Frank is a seasoned Sales Development Strategist with a proven track record in delivering customer-centric solutions and leveraging technology for business growth. With extensive experience in the Information & Communications Technologies sector, Frank specialises in driving strategic initiatives that enable mid-market enterprise customers to navigate the complexities of ICT with ease. 

Frank’s deep understanding of Managed ICT Services, Hosting, and Telecommunications allows him to offer tailored technical solutions that align with the unique needs of mid-market businesses. His strategic approach to sales and business development, combined with his leadership skills, ensures that clients receive comprehensive support throughout their technology adoption journey. 

Committed to excellence in customer service, Frank fosters strong relationships with clients, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering results that contribute to their success. By keeping a pulse on market trends and emerging technologies, Frank positions his clients at the forefront of innovation, ensuring they stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Frank’s dedication to empowering businesses with the right ICT strategies makes him an invaluable partner to those looking to enhance their technical capabilities and drive growth. With Frank’s guidance, clients can confidently embrace the next transition into innovative & intelligent technology and communications solutions, where everyone in your business can securely connect and collaborate.