User Account Termination Request Form

This form will be submitted to Integrated ICT Service Desk.

The team at Integrated ICT acknowledge this request form as a matter of privacy and confidentiality. Please complete all fields in this form to assist us with the removal of the user account. Once completed, this for will be sent to the Integrated ICT Service Desk and will be scheduled for the next available technician. The technician will update you through the service ticket via email or alternatively, via phone once the service has been completed.


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Please note: 

  • Licenses may be locked into fixed term contracts. The termination of the user may not directly result in a decrease in license count. 
  • If this user to be terminated rejoins the organization in the future, a new User Account Creation Request Form will need to be submitted to the Integrated ICT service desk. 
  • All permissions and file access assigned will be stripped from the user during the removal process. 
  • This form is only for the removal of users and is not a request for the decommissioning of the user’s device. 
  • The term “termination” does not imply the complete removal of the users account from the internal system. The user account is placed into a non-synced file rendering the account disabled but never permanently removed. This method is to ensure there is no data loss attached with the user’s account. Integrated ICT implements tools and security measures to ensure there is no breach of security with the disabled user’s account. 

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